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Workers’ Compensation

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Under the California's Workers Compensation Act, you may be entitled to monetary compensation and to medical treatment if you have been injured while working.

“Work related injuries” does not only mean injuries that occurred at your workplace or your office building. It some cases, “work related injuries” can be slip/falls, motor vehicle accidents, chronic conditions that were caused by your work duties and/or work environment, injuries suffered while at a job site or on your way to a different work location etc.

To make sure you are preserving your rights to benefits, you should:

  1. Immediately report the injury to your manager, supervisor or superior. Once reported, your employer, manager, supervisor, or superior should provide you with a DWC-1 form to report your injury in writing.

  2. Demand and obtain copies of anything and everything that you fill out or complete related to you reporting a work related injury.

  3. Obtain medical treatment. Do not wait for your employer to provide medical treatment to you. Do not listen to your employer if it tells you that you cannot obtain medical treatment. If you need medical treatment, go seek medical treatment for your injury.

  4. Inform the treatment provider of your injury being related to work. Tell the doctor or treatment provider how the injury occurred or how you think it occurred and that you were working when the injury occurred. Often time your initial report of the injury to a treatment provider can have an impact on your case and your rights.

  5. Call an attorney to discuss your injury and to discuss your rights. Remember that the workers’ compensation insurance company’s client is the employer, not you, the employee.

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