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Tips for Returning to Work After an Injury

Going back to work after a serious injury can be daunting. Even after you’ve managed your workers’ compensation claim and had some time to recover, there’s still a lot to consider before you go back to the workplace. To help you navigate this stressful time, we’ve put together these 3 tips for returning to work after an injury.

  1. Understand Your Injury

Arguably the most important thing you should do is understand your injury and listen to your body. If you’ve reached the end of your treatment plan and you’re still in pain or have movement difficulties, talk to your doctor. It’s better to extend your recovery than to risk going to back to work too early and getting injured again.

On the other hand, you should also tell your doctor if you believe that you’ve fully recovered and you’re ready to get back to work. You should be straightforward with your doctor, letting them know how you feel. However, you should never tell your doctor you feel fine if you’re actually still recovering.

  1. Identify Restrictions

If, after recovery, your injury prevents you from working in the same way as you did before, you should talk to your doctor and consult your workers’ compensation attorney. If you cannot perform the same job due to your injury, you may be eligible for “vocational rehabilitation (VR).”

This is a state program that helps those impacted by a physical or mental impairment readjust to the workplace and then assess whether they are able to permanently return to work. If the injury makes it harder to work, the rehabilitation program may be able to arrange specialized work conditions. If the assessment determines that you are unable to work, VR and your attorney can help you pursue social assistance programs.

  1. Talk to Your Employer
    Throughout the entire workers’ compensation and recovery process, make sure you or your attorney keep in touch with your employer. Let them know how you are recovering, what restrictions you might have when you return to work, whether you’re pursuing VR, and when you’re expected to return.

The more open your communication with your employer, the better equipped they will be to provide you with the any potential accommodations you might need to move forward.

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