March Newsletter 2021

Which California Jobs Have the Most Workplace Injuries?

California is a huge place. With 18 million jobs across a range of industries and biomes, our state offers a little bit of everything. With so many jobs, some are bound to be more hazardous than others. That raises an interesting question: which California jobs are most dangerous and have the most workplace injuries?

Construction Workers

Construction workers make up about 20% of all workers’ compensation claims in California. Many of these injuries and fatalities are caused by falls, strikes from an object, or electrocution. More often than not, these incidents can be prevented with proper training and procedures.

Transportation Workers

This group, including everyone from truck drivers to delivery drivers and rideshare operators, makes up another 15% of California’s total workers’ compensation claims. In a given year, nearly 80 professional drivers will lose their lives in California alone. More often than not, these crashes are caused by speeding and other aggressive driving maneuvers.

Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers make up another 15% of California workers’ comp claim, though fatalities are, thankfully, much rarer. The majority of these injuries come from overexertion, usually while carrying objects or moving a patient. Other significant causes of these injuries include slip and falls and patient violence.


Logging is the most dangerous job in California even though they don't make up a significant percentage of workers' compensation claims. Although there are only about 1,800 active lumber cutters in the state, the industry typically sees 4-5 deaths each year and many more are seriously injured. Worst of all, many of these workplace injuries occur in the woods, hours from the nearest healthcare facility.

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