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Workers’ compensation relates to a system of laws outlining benefits for injured employees. Under California law, companies must pay some forms of workers’ comp to ensure employees’ safety from injuries on the job. However, if you are injured and want to get your workers’ compensation, you face a number of legalities.

What is California Workers’ Compensation Law?

Companies throughout California are required to pay for lost wages and medical bills if an employee is injured on the job. Under California workers compensation law, companies must determine the schedule of payment to their injured workers, as well as obey other legal duties stated by the law. That means employers have to cover basic expenses of the injured worker related to the injury, such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Illnesses and wrongful deaths occurred during the execution of the work

Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover from all job-related injuries and some never disappear. These employees are eligible for workers’ permanent disability claims. If a worker succeeds to protect their rights, they are entitled to workers’ compensation for permanent disability. Workers’ permanent disability compensation is paid if the person suffers from an injury which reduces the person’s earning capacity for their entire life. Even after the maximum expected medical improvement of the person, the compensation must be paid.

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